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The Mission of Our Massachusetts Auto Accident Law Firm is to Provide our Worcester, MA Personal Injury Clients With Exceptional Service and Results. Call Our Worcester, MA Personal Injury Lawyers 24/7 at 617-787-3700.

Our expert Worcester, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers and Worcester, Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers are honored and proud to provide our services to the residents of Worcester, MA. We have represented many Worcester personal injury accident victims for more than the past two decades and we look forward to helping you.

Please call our highly skilled Worcester, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers at 617-787-3700 or email our Massachusetts wrongful death attorneys at

Every Massachusetts Car Accident Claim and Every Worcester, Massachusetts Injured Client Deserves Specialized Attention.

The mission and goals of the highly skilled Worcester auto accident attorneys at the Massachusetts Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates is central to the way in which we will handle your Massachusetts motor vehicle claim. Our Worcester attorneys see each Worcester, Massachusetts car accident client as an individual. Every claim is unique. We provide highly-skilled and personalized assistance and service on every claim that we handle. Our Worcester lawyers undertake all aspects of your Massachusetts car accident injury claim from start to finish, and we make certain that you are treated with respect and care.

Our seasoned and highly skilled group of Worcester, Massachusetts car accident personal injury attorneys works personally with each Worcester, Massachusetts client to get the best result possible. Our Massachusetts law firm takes each and every claim very seriously. We listen to what our Worcester, Massachusetts car accident clients have to say about their injury claims, and we help them throughout their cases. We understand very well that Massachusetts car accidents can be traumatic and emotional, and we are concerned with not only our clients' Massachusetts legal issues, but also with how they are coping both physically and emotionally.

When you or a loved one has been injured in a Massachusetts motor vehicle accident, you can trust our group of Worcester car accident injury attorneys to handle your legal problems in such a way so that you or your loved one can focus on improving your injuries. Our Worcester attorneys will help you submit all of the necessary insurance and medical documents, as well as resolve any issues that you face in returning to work and gaining compensation for your lost wages. When your loved one has died in a Massachusetts car accident, our highly skilled and expert group of Worcester wrongful death lawyer specialists are here to help you. Please call us today at 617-787-3700 or email us at

Our Mission is to Get You the Compensation You Deserve. Call The Worcester, MA Personal Injury Lawyers at Our Massachusetts Auto Accident Law Firm 24/7 at 617-787-3700.

Massachusetts residents who are injured by a Massachusetts negligent driver can recover economic damages, non-economic damages and, in some cases, punitive damages. Economic damages include compensation for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation expenses and other damages for which a monetary figure can be established.

Additionally, damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress and loss of companionship, so-called non-economic damages, may be awarded for the injuries you sustained as a result of the Massachusetts auto accident. In some drunk driving cases, a Massachusetts judge or jury may award punitive damages—damages meant to punish the culpable party.

Our Worcester, MA personal injury attorneys have been personally selected for their success in recovering high settlement amounts. We invite our prospective Worcester, MA auto accident clients to come in for a free and confidential case review where we will discuss with you our plans to:

  • help set up and monitor the professional treatment that you receive for your injuries,

  • organize documentation for you to move forward with your personal injury claim and work to obtain payment for all of your medical bills and lost wages,

  • review your Massachusetts legal rights for your personal injury claim and fully discuss with you your options as to the best way to proceed, and

  • discuss the next steps in moving forward to ensure that your settlement is fair and that justice is achieved.

There is no lawyer’s fee ever charged to any of our Worcester, MA clients unless we get you just and fair compensation for your Massachusetts car accident injuries. Our Worcester lawyers always work on a contingency fee basis. If our attorneys are unable to obtain money damages for you, then you owe us nothing for our legal services.

Our highly skilled Worcester car accident attorneys make certain that all of our Worcester, Massachusetts clients are kept fully up to date on the progress of their Massachusetts motor vehicle accident claims. Our Worcester, Massachusetts clients receive copies of all correspondence from our Worcester lawyers to the insurance company. Our Worcester auto accident lawyers carefully take the time to explain Massachusetts law to our Worcester clients and guide them through the procedures of how we will move forward with their claims, so that our clients can fully participate and assist in their own Massachusetts motor vehicle accident claims.

Our Worcester, MA Car Accident Attorneys and Worcester, MA Wrongful Death Attorneys Will Fight Tirelessly For You. We Will Never Give Up Until Justice is Obtained.

At the Massachusetts Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates, you can count on our expert attorneys to fight tirelessly and relentlessly for you and to do everything that we can to get you the maximum money you deserve. Our Worcester personal injury lawyers aggressively pursue our Worcester, MA clients’ claims, using our experience, knowledge and skill to make the appropriate decisions at the right times. We have many years of experience in Massachusetts car accident litigation, and our Massachusetts personal injury trial attorneys are second to none, although we strive to settle your claim through arbitration or mediation, if possible, so that you can avoid costly Massachusetts lawsuits.

Our Worcester, Massachusetts auto accident attorneys truly care about our Worcester, Massachusetts auto accident clients and are committed to serving all of their legal needs. We understand that a serious Massachusetts personal injury can change your or your loved one’s life forever. The personalized attention and concern of our Worcester, Massachusetts auto accident personal injury attorneys for our clients’ well-being sets us apart from other Massachusetts law offices. If you are a client of our Massachusetts law office, you are part of our extended family.

Our Worcester car accident attorneys will give you honest and clear advice about your Massachusetts car accident injury claim. Our Worcester injury attorneys will advise you on the best and most practical way to proceed with your Massachusetts auto accident case, based on our extensive knowledge, experience and a careful evaluation of all of the evidence, the facts and the applicable Massachusetts law. You will always know our opinion and thoughts regarding the options that are available to you.

Our Worcester, Massachusetts motor vehicle attorneys believe in a strong work ethic. Our Worcester motor vehicle personal injury attorneys and our Massachusetts legal staff work diligently to achieve the best possible results for our Worcester, Massachusetts clients. All of our Worcester, Mass auto accident injury attorneys are committed to obtaining for you the maximum possible settlement for your case, and we will do so with determination, patience and perseverance.

Our Worcester, Mass Auto Accident Attorneys Are Experts.

We are highly skilled at what we undertake. Our Worcester, Massachusetts motor vehicle accident personal injury attorneys have experience working on thousands of Massachusetts motor vehicle cases for injured people, and we will use our sophisticated and thorough knowledge of Massachusetts car insurance and Massachusetts car personal injury law in pursuing your claim. We are dedicated to our Worcester clients, and have a proven track record of accomplishment and success.

When you call our Massachusetts law firm, you will speak with one of our Worcester, MA injury attorneys right away who will answer all of your questions. Our Worcester, Massachusetts motor vehicle personal injury attorneys are very accessible, and our lawyers will always get back to you in a timely manner. Our Massachusetts injury attorneys will visit you at your house or in the hospital if that is more convenient for you. Call our Worcester auto accident personal injury attorneys or Worcester, Massachusetts wrongful death attorneys today at 617-787-3700 or email us at

Massachusetts law limits the time in which you can make a case, so call our Worcester personal injury attorneys today at (617) 787-3700 or email us at Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Your needs are our top priority!

Our expert and highly skilled Massachusetts car accident injury lawyers and seasoned Massachusetts auto accident wrongful death attorneys are proud to represent Massachusetts auto accident personal injury clients from throughout the Commonwealth.

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