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Types of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Cases We Handle: Our Worcester, MA Auto Accident Lawyer Experts and Worcester, MA Personal Injury Lawyers Handle All Types of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Claims.

For more than the past two decades, our Worcester, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers and Worcester, Massachusetts wrongful death attorneys have been dedicated to providing our Worcester, Mass clients with exceptional and highly skilled client service and care.

Our Worcester, MA personal injury accident lawyers represent our Worcester, MA and other Massachusetts clients with respect to all types of Massachusetts motor vehicle accident claims.

Serious Massachusetts auto accidents occur in Massachusetts every day, many of which result in considerable injury to the driver or passenger. In the most tragic cases, a Massachusetts wrongful death may occur. Many Massachusetts car accident victims require surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy or psychological counseling. On average, Massachusetts car accidents lead to 4,500 injuries and 500 deaths a year. Our Worcester, MA auto accident personal injury attorneys are very skilled at establishing the negligence of the other driver, a necessary element that must be proven to obtain damages. Our Massachusetts plaintiff’s personal injury law office performs a wide variety of tasks on your behalf, including communicating with insurance companies, obtaining all relevant police reports and medical records, gathering witness statements, communicating with our network of medical experts, and seeking reimbursement for all damages to which you are entitled. Our efforts enable you to focus solely on recovering from your injuries.

Insurance in Massachusetts:

Fortunately for our injured Worcester, MA drivers and passengers, Massachusetts is a no-fault state with respect to car accidents occurring in Massachusetts. This means that an injured Massachusetts driver is entitled to payment for his or her medical bills and lost wages, regardless of whether the victim was at fault for his or her injuries. The insurance carrier of the car you were a driver or passenger in, called the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) provider, will generally pay at least the first $2,000.00 in reasonable and necessary medical bills. In the event that the injured victim does not have health insurance or has insufficient health insurance, other coverage limits and options are available to a victim injured in a Massachusetts car accident.

The Massachusetts insurance company that pays the medical bills of the injured Worcester auto accident victim is also required to pay any lost wages that the individual suffered as a result of the motor vehicle accident and his or her subsequent inability to work. Typically, the injured Massachusetts driver or pedestrian is compensated for 75% of lost wages under PIP, based on his or her average weekly wage, up to $8,000.00. If more extensive, permanent injuries arise from the Massachusetts auto accident, the victim may be compensated for future lost earning capacity.

Additionally, compensation for pain and suffering, permanent and partial disability, or scarring and disfigurement may be paid by the other driver's insurance carrier. These are usually the most substantial money damages that are recoverable. If the negligent driver does not have insurance coverage, or the insurance coverage is inadequate to fully compensate a victim for his or her injuries, there may be recovery under Massachusetts uninsured or Massachusetts underinsured coverage.

The Types of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Cases We Handle Are Many. Our Worcester, MA Auto Accident Lawyer Experts Have Vast Experience Dealing With All Types of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accidents, Including:

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The Massachusetts car accident injury lawyers and Massachusetts auto accident wrongful death attorneys at our office are proud to represent Massachusetts auto accident personal injury clients from throughout the Commonwealth.

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The Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Cases We Handle Include All Types of Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Accidents. Our Worcester, MA Auto Accident Lawyer Experts Are Available 24/7. Call Today at 617-787-3700.
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