Texting May Have Led To Fatal Car Crash In Hawaii.

Cars make it easier for us to get around with respect to our daily activities, while cell phones make our communications simpler and more available. On their own, these two innovations can constitute great improvements to our daily lives. Combined, however, the two can lead to serious injury or even a wrongful death.

Tragically, this seems to have been the case recently in Waimanalo, Hawaii. There, 20-year-old Chanel Franco was driving with two of her friends, 21-year-old Tyler Parker and 19-year-old Jessica Lum, when she reportedly lost control of her vehicle. Police believe Franco was driving southeast on Hihimanu Street when she tried to avoid an oncoming car, causing her to spin out of control, off the road and then crash into a utility pole.

All three occupants of the motor vehicle were injured as a result of the crash, but Lum, who had been sitting in the back without a seatbelt, suffered the most serious injuries as she was flung from the car.

Sadly, Lum soon died from her injuries at the scene of the accident. Franco and Parker were injured as well, and were rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency room treatment.

According to kitv.com, Franco told police that she “was texting and something fell on the floor of the car and she reached over to pick it up and saw a car coming toward her.” Police are investigating to see if alcohol and speed were also factors in the crash.

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