Several Injured and One Killed in Tragic Arizona Multi-Car Accident.

35 year-old Ricardo Castro was driving his car on Interstate 10 with his wife in the front seat and his daughter and mother-in-law in the back seat on November 21st.  At that time, the foursome got into an argument. The argument caused Castro to take the Miller Road exit and order his mother-in-law and daughter out of the car. Leaving them on the side of the road, Castro and his wife then traveled back on to the interstate. According to local police reports, Castro then collided with a GMC Yukon carrying six people in a tragic car accident. The GMC Yukon rolled over, and five children who were riding in the vehicle were ejected from the car.

All of the victims from the car crash were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. According to reports, all but one of the victims have been released from care and are expected to survive the personal injuries suffered in the auto accident.

Castro was arrested as a result of the motor vehicle crash, and has been charged with aggravated assault, among several other felony charges.

Approximately 45 minutes after the car crash, a semi truck collided with another semi truck that was stopped because of the car accident. The trucks then hit four other cars and a third semi truck, which burst into flames.

One of the semi-truck drivers was killed as a result of the second automobile crash.

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