Seattle Woman Secures $4 Million Settlement in Car Accident Lawsuit With Washington State Police.

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Massachusetts state law prohibits unsafe driving.  Statutes and regulations are put into place for a single purpose: to protect the people of the Commonwealth, and those that choose to drive on its roads.  No person is above the law.  This includes those who are designated to uphold it.

Police officers and other public servants, despite their role within the state, are just as responsible for their actions behind the wheel as any ordinary citizen.  Flashing blue lights and a badge adorning your shirt do not make you immune to the rules of the road.  In every American state, police officers can be held liable for any harm to people that they may cause by their negligence or recklessness.

Just recently, the Washington State Police settled a car accident lawsuit with a woman named Julia Terlinchamp.  Ms. Terlinchamp, a Seattle native, was driving in the city near Capitol Hill on December 26, 2007.  Suddenly, she was t-boned on her passenger side by a state police cruiser that came barreling out of a side-alley.  Ms. Terlinchamp suffered a traumatic brain injury that she claims has severely impaired her cognitive functions.

The Terlinchamp family filed a lawsuit against the Washington State Police for the negligent driving of its trooper.  In the lawsuit, the family also accuses the Seattle Police Department of withholding pertinent evidence from them.  The Washington State Police has since settled the lawsuit with the Terlinchamps for $4 million.

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