Pittsfield High Car Crash Causes Two Deaths.

Two men were killed after the car they were driving slammed into a wall at Pittsfield High School on Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

According to witnesses, the men’s speeding car ran through an intersection and slammed into a concrete wall outside Pittsfield High School around 3:00 PM, just 30 minutes after students were let out from school for the day.  Witnesses stated that the car was traveling so fast it  hit a curb and bounced into the air before hitting the wall.  Fortunately, no students or staff were in the immediate vicinity at the time, so no innocent bystanders suffered personal injuries.  The car was crushed on impact, and firefighters had to use special equipment to remove the men from what was left of the vehicle.

Police believe the driver was a man named Ernest Duck and the passenger to be Tariq Salley.  Both occupants were from Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  Both men were taken to local hospitals following the severe accident, but neither was able to survive his serious injuries.  Duck died immediately following the crash, and Salley died a few hours later at the hospital.

The speed limit for the area in which the crash occurred is only 25 miles per hour, but witnesses say Duck was traveling much faster and driving erratically.  Police Captain David Granger stated that there seems to be no indication that Duck attempted to stop the vehicle.

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