Pennsylvania Superior Court Upholds $19.1 Million Award For Car Accident Case.

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A Pennsylvania Superior Court has upheld a $19.1 million jury verdict. The injured party, Patrick Hennessey, was required to have his right leg amputated after two successive car accidents.

Mr. Hennessey was a passenger in a car being driven by Ryan Caruso in July 2009. Mr. Caruso rear-ended a car being driven by one Bruce Reikow. The accident made Mr. Caruso’s car stall in the middle of the street. As the plaintiff, Mr. Hennessey, was pushing Mr. Caruso’s car to the side of the road, another car being driven by Shawn Robertson, Jr. rear-ended Mr. Reikow’s car and proceeded to spin to the side, crushing Mr. Hennessy.

Mr. Hennessy is now permanently disfigured. Every day, he faces embarrassment and humiliation because of his injuries. He used to play sports, such as golf, but has not played since the accident because of issues with his prosthesis.

The jury found Mr. Caruso to be 45% negligent and Mr. Robertson 55% negligent. Mr. Reikow was dismissed as a defendant in the case.

On appeal, Mr. Caruso argued that the verdict was excessive. The judges said that although Mr. Caruso was uninjured in the first accident, the two were close in proximity and location. Had the first accident not occurred, the second accident would not have occurred nor would Mr. Hennessey have been injured.

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