Massachusetts Man Suffers Injuries After Dislodged Highway Marker Crashes Into Windshield.

A driver suffered cuts to his face but was fortunate to escape more serious injury on Friday, February 14, after a lane marker that was embedded in the highway became dislodged and crashed into his windshield.

The accident occurred on Interstate 93 in Wilmington, MA.  The driver’s name was not immediately available, and the extent of the driver’s injuries was unclear.  However, the damage to the car’s windshield was extensive, and it was fortunate that the driver was able to stop the vehicle without causing a serious accident.

According to a spokesperson for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT), the markers on I-93 are scheduled for replacement this coming summer.  The planned removal stemmed from reports that these markers may become dislodged during snow and ice removal operations.  Following the accident, however, MassDOT intends to inspect the highway markers on I-93 to determine whether any others have become loose and require immediate replacement.

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