Man Narrowly Avoids Crashing with Passing Train in Andover, Massachusetts.

According to reports by police in Andover, Massachusetts, a driver barely avoided a crash with a train after his Porsche became stuck in the gravel of the railroad tracks this past Thursday night.

The driver’s car became stuck on the railroad tracks as we was trying to make a left turn onto Dundee Park Drive in Andover near a commuter rail platform. However, the man accidentally turned too soon and he ended up on the track-bed to the tracks. The driver made the premature turn apparently due to the lack of lighting in the area of the near car accident.

The driver had driven nearly 150 feet down the side of the tracks before sliding into a snowbank. Luckily, the coming freight train was able to stop before it reached the man’s motor vehicle, and the man managed to walk away from near auto crash without any personal injuries.

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