Kylie Jenner Snaps Instagram Pics While Driving.

Distracted driving causes thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries each and every year.  Ten percent of all teenage drivers involved in fatal car accidents are reported as having been distracted at the time of the crash.  Distracted driving most often includes texting while driving, but can also include eating, drinking, talking to other passengers, navigating, or adjusting the radio.  When a person is driving, their main priority should be to keep their eyes on the road.  Activities that distract from that can prove fatal.

Seventeen-year-old Kylie Jenner, Bruce Jenner’s daughter, has caught the media’s attention with a string of photographs and videos she posted to Instagram while driving.  The latest photo was taken on one of the largest and busiest highways in Calabasas, California.  According to Inquisitr, cars tend to speed in and out of the multi-lane freeway, making it quite dangerous even for the most attentive of drivers.  And Kylie has proven through her Instagram posts that she is certainly not an attentive driver.

The photograph at the center of the controversy shows Kylie driving with one hand on the wheel, and is angled to show off her expensive Cartier bracelet.  Making matters worse, Kylie added a message to the photograph, saying, “Born & Raised…& I’ll probably die here.”  Considering the number of fatal car accidents that actually do occur on the Calabasas highway, the message was quite inappropriate.

Still, this photograph is only the latest in a long list of bad driving decisions for the teenage driver.  Kylie has posted several Vine videos of herself while driving, along with a handful of other Instagram photographs and videos.  She has already been in two car accidents caused by her negligent driving, and is being sued in connection with one of those accidents. 

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