Injured Car Accident Victim Receives Settlement of $105,000 from City of Everett, Washington.

When one person makes the decision to drink and drive, they are also making the decision to put countless other lives at risk of death or serious personal injuryEvery single day in the United States, another twenty-eight people are killed as a result of drunk driving collisions.  Tragically, all of these accidents are entirely avoidable.  If you find yourself in a situation involving a drunk driving accident, call our Boston, MA drunk driving accident expert lawyers today.

In 2010, Sheena Blair, Martin “Tony” Ramirez, Luis Reyna and Marco Ortiz were all driving in a car traveling down Broadway in Everett, Washington.  Camille Spink, who was found to have been drunk, drove her vehicle down a one-way street and hit Blair’s car.  Blair and Ramirez were killed and Ortiz and Reyna suffered multiple broken bones and other serious injuries from the accident.  A toxicology report indicated that Spink’s blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit.  She pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and assault and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

According to, Ortiz filed a lawsuit against Spink and the City of Everett.  The lawsuit alleges that the location where the accident took place is particularly dangerous and that the city failed to protect the public from distracted or intoxicated drivers who miss the turn on that section of the road.  The lawsuit also alleges that there is a history of accidents at that site and that the roadway design is not safe.  Moreover, Ortiz alleges that the signs are confusing and that other traffic devices would be helpful to make it clear where drivers must turn right.  The Everett City counsel recently approved a settlement of $105,000 for Ortiz.  The Reyna and Blair Families still have an active suit against the city.

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