High-Powered Car Crashes Into Fence During Illegal Road Race.

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Every driver is excepted to act in a careful, considerate manner.  While driving has become a norm in daily activity, each and every time one of us gets behind the wheel, we are responsible for our actions. This is especially true if motor vehicle operators are driving a particularly fast or powerful vehicle, which may require a heightened level of care and attentiveness.

One driver in Manchester, England failed to do this recently while he was street racing in a public area during the day.  The driver was in a high-powered Audi RS3  and was reportedly driving erratically and fast before crashing into street barriers and posts near the junction with the A666.  Police arrived, and while the driver was injured, he is miraculously expected to make a full recovery.  According to the mirror.co.uk, no other passengers or pedestrians were injured, but there was extensive damage to the guardrails and the Audi was damaged beyond repair.  Initial reports suggest that the driver was racing leading up to the crash, putting not only his own life at risk, but also risking the lives of all of those around him.

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