Four Year-Old Killed On Return-Trip From Father’s Funeral.

In what appears to be a tragic car accident, a four year-old boy who was returning from the funeral of his father was struck and killed by a minivan in Chester, Pennsylvania this past Saturday, April 12, 2014.

According to the Chester Police, four year-old Karder Hardy was in the back of a gold-colored Dodge Charger car that pulled over at 11th Street and Upland Street in Chester. Hardy had apparently jumped out of the back passenger seat into street-side, because he saw his mother on the other side of the street. At that time, Hardy was struck by a minivan.

Hardy was rushed to the Crozer-Chester Medical Center where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The doctors at the hospital noted severe head and upper body injuries suffered by the little boy as the likely causes of death.

The driver of the minivan remained at the scene of the motor vehicle accident and made a statement to the Chester Police. The police officers at the scene stated that this appears to be a tragic accident and that the driver of the minivan is not expected to be charged. In the meantime, the family of the boy is coping with this second dose of tragedy having just buried the boy’s father, Derrick Brown, who was shot to death earlier in the week.

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