Former NASCAR Driver Tony Stewart Still Fighting Against Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

Tragically, wrongful death accidents occur all too often and under a variety of circumstances. A wrongful death may result from substantial wrongdoing or the negligence of one party, which seriously injures the victim such as to cause his or her death. A wrongful death may also result from an accident or another person’s willful and wanton misconduct. Regardless of the cause, a wrongful death always leaves a family in shock and anguish, and in some cases, financially unstable – particularly if the victim was the only provider for the family. That is why you should contact an experienced Massachusetts wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible to get the financial compensation owed to you and your family.

In August 2014, former NASCAR driver Tony Stewart was racing at a dirt sprint car track at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in Central New York. The victim, fellow racer Kevin Ward, Jr., was allegedly angry with Stewart for forcing his car against the track wall during a race. Ward got out of his car to confront Stewart on the track when Stewart hit him, sending Ward flying through the air and landing several feet away, motionless. Ward passed away from his serious injuries shortly thereafter.

Since the incident, Ward’s family has been pursuing a wrongful death action against Stewart, claimed that he intended to maneuver the car into Ward, either to scare or seriously injure him. The family also alleges that Stewart has a history of aggression and violence both on and off the track. Stewart and his lawyer allege that he attempted to steer away from Ward, but was unable to change direction in time due to the speed of the sprint car. Almost three years after the accident, Ward’s family is still pursing the legal action with no success as of yet.

If a loved one has suffered a wrongful death due to the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation. Please call 617-787-3700 now to speak with one of our expert Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers, or email us at for a free and private consultation.

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