Family Saved By Ham Radio And Good Samaritan After Driving Into Roadside Ditch.

The temperature was below zero in Pueblo, Colorado on December 6, 2013, when one family’s car drove into a roadside ditch. The passengers climbed out of the vehicle, but would have been stranded for up to thirty minutes had it not been for Good Samaritans who turned back to offer assistance.

Cody Fowler, his wife and two sons were traveling back from Pueblo where they had purchased new and uncharged cell phones. When Cody noticed the car that had been behind him on the otherwise empty highway was missing, he turned around to make sure nothing was awry. As he feared, the car that had been behind him had slid into a ditch. Without cell phones to call for help, the Good Samaritan turned to his licensed ham radio, a device that allows operators to radio other ham holders for emergency assistance. Another ham operator answered his call for help, and reached out to police for assistance.

The family estimates it would have taken up to a half hour for another vehicle to notice them on the side of the road. During that time, they would have been in the below zero weather. Instead, the Fowler family stayed with them and offered turns sitting in their vehicle for warmth until assistance arrived.

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