Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Husband and Daughter Die in Car Accident.

In a wrongful death action, the estate and beneficiaries of the individuals who are injured and subsequently die are entitled to damages from the individual, group or company that caused the injury.  Because a deceased individual cannot personally recover damages for his or her injury resulting in wrongful death, wrongful death laws are primarily designed to provide compensation to the deceased’s survivors.  Those beneficiaries who are entitled to receive damages for a married decedent are the spouse and any children, while beneficiaries receiving damages for an unmarried decedent are the next of kin.  Establishing negligence is critical for winning a wrongful death case.  Call our Massachusetts wrongful death lawyer specialists today to discuss your potential claim.

On August 23, 2015, Ryan Chambers, his daughters Kaya and Evelynn, his wife Alyssa, and his parents were driving on Interstate 15 in Utah.  As Chambers was driving on the highway, he noticed that a doghouse had fallen off a truck in front of him, causing traffic.  As Chambers’ vehicle slowed down to avoid the debris, he was rear-ended by Uchenna Uzoh.    The accident caused a 15-car pileup.  Chambers, Kaya, and his parents were all killed in the car accident.  Alyssa and Evelynn were severely injured.  Uzoh was charged with speeding and following another vehicle too closely.

According to the Standard Examiner, Alyssa Chambers has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Uzoh; Canyon Home Care and Hospice; the employer of Uzoh; and Joshua Sinkin, whose truck was carrying the doghouse.  The suit alleges that Sinkin did not tie down or secure the doghouse.  Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that Uzoh failed to slow down and that her vehicle pushed the Chambers’ car into a semi-truck.  The suit also states that Uzoh was on multiple prescription medications at the time of the motor vehicle accident that could have affected her ability to drive.  The Chambers family is seeking at least $300,000 in damages.

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