Cab Driver Receives $1.5M After Police Cruiser Crashes Into His Taxi.

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A cab driver in Albany, New York was awarded $1.5 million from the state after a state police cruiser smashed into his Dodge Caravan taxi back in February of 2011.

The police cruiser didn’t have its lights or siren on at 2:30a.m. when it barreled through an intersection and a red light, crashing into 61-year-old cab driver Zeoli and his passengers. The driver, Officer Patrick Shufelt was chasing a suspected drunk driver traveling about 40mph when he struck the cab. The driver’s side impact threw Zeoli and a passenger from the taxi as it careened into a nearby yard.

Zeoli suffered broken bones from the accident and later suffered from a stroke related to his injuries. The stroke has permanently disabled the former cab driver and has ended his three-decade driving career.

One passenger who was wearing his seatbelt was not seriously injured, but another was also thrown from the car and sustained injuries. The second passenger settled with the state for $120,000.

This case comes in the wake of a similar accident in Albany that occurred two years earlier when another police officer ran a red light and killed a 21-year-old passenger of a Honda Civic. That case was settled when the man’s estate accepted $250,000 in damages.

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