21-Year-Old Facing Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Death of Two Teens.

In 2013, speeding was a factor in 29% of motor vehicle accident deaths across the United States. This statistic defines speed as any accident where the driver was issued a traffic citation for speeding or where investigation reports include speed as a contributing factor. As dangerous as it is, speeding has become somewhat commonplace. We constantly see cars zipping past us on the highway at unmentionable speeds. But speeding indisputably puts drivers, passengers and innocent bystanders at a greater risk of death and serious injury.

Twenty-one-year-old Laken Williams is being held in a Michigan jail awaiting a psychological exam to determine whether or not she can be held criminally culpable in connection with a tragic car accident that occurred last October. Two teenagers, 17-year-old Danielle Torrez and 18-year-old Dakota Moore, were killed in the senseless crash. According to the Times Herald, both teenagers were ejected from the vehicle after it left the roadway, crashed and rolled over several times. Williams reported having been in the car at the time of the crash, but initially claimed that she had been a passenger and that one of the teenagers had been driving.

In January, Williams was charged with two charges of reckless driving causing death, one count of false report of a felony, and one count of lying to a peace officer. If convicted, these felonies could put Williams in prison for up to twenty-one years. Meanwhile, the families of the victims have filed a wrongful death action against Williams.

According to the lawsuit, Williams sped recklessly at speeds exceeding 95 mph on a dirt road causing the fatal crash. The lawsuit also alleges emotional distress because Williams initially fed the police false information and attempted to incriminate her victims. The families’ lawyer, John Paterson, is helping the families seek an undisclosed amount in money damages from Williams and her parents, as owners of the vehicle.

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